1 on 1Person Training

1 on 1Person Training

What is included in this package:
1. Consultation/initial set up
2. Customized training program based on YOUR goals
3. Two check-ins per week

4. Ability to work with me to correct form/teach form
5. Any changes to your program made by me when needed
6. Open communication with me

7. Accountability & support

8. Training tips

9. Meal ideas/ strategies

10. Customized Macro/ Nutrition coaching

11. Customized Macro calculations

12. Customized weekly Macro adjustments

13. Macro/Nutrition advice/guidance

14. Macros/Nutrition education

How do I sign up for this?
1. Scroll down to my online training application
2. Fill out the application
3. Expect an E-mail from me within 24 hours of your application