Executive Package

Executive Package


What's Included I this package:

(Everything from Basic + Premium)

1. Consultation/initial setup call

2. Accountability and support

3. Customized personal training program splits based on YOUR goals

4. Videos with instructions on how to perform each exercise

5. Access to my training app with your programming for convenience

6. Email or phone check-in twice a week

7. Any adjustments needed

8. Open communication with me through 2 way messaging included in my training app

9.Training tips

10. Meal ideas/ strategies 

11. Nutrition info graphs

12. Two video calls / month 


13. Customized Macro & Nutrition coaching included 

14. Customized Macro calculations(Protein, Carbs, Fats)

15. Customized weekly Macro adjustments 

16. Macro/Nutrition advice & guidance

17. Macro/Nutrition education

How do I sign up for this?

1. Scroll down to my online training application

2. Fill out the application

3. Expect an E-mail from me within 24 hours of your application